John Ernest Trigg                                  


Born 1935, I have lived for the last 43 years in the Berkshire village of Woolhampton and during the past 20 years have attempted, through self-publishing, to place a knowledge of the history of Woolhampton and other areas of West Berkshire in the public domain.  Older inhabitants of Woolhampton, Midgham and Brimpton have generously assisted this enterprise by recounting memories.  The books have been supplemented by both private and public archives and past editions of the local press.

The more recent writings have been concerned with a wider area with a remaining focus on west Berkshire that, together, present a view of the county over the past 200 years.

Compiling these books has been personally rewarding and it has been an unexpected pleasure to receive letters and personal visits from other parts of the world.  Such may have wished for a copy of a book, information regarding a particular family history or the sharing of further insights into our local past.

I have experience of speaking on aspects of Berkshire's history to local groups and societies.

I am currently researching and writing ‘Waterloo to Balaclava’ which will give some insight into the first 50 years of the 19th Century Berkshire.

Special thanks are due to Phil Dollin for his line drawings and Jenny Campbell for her photographic enhancements and originals.


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