'Austerity to Affluence'

'Austerity to Affluence'

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The book records some of the happenings in the Newbury/Thatcham district during the years between the end of the Second World War and 1960 - austerity to affluence.  Much of traditional Berkshire was lost when the country estates were sold.  Rural crafts also declined and were partly replaced by new industries and military establishments.  Although the latter increased employment opportunities, they disturbed the countryside and were not universally welcomed.

The war years are reflected in the logbooks of two village schools - evacuees, air raid precautions and working on the land.  Such records also illustrate the lack of amenities in the post-war village communities that were not to be improved until the end of the 1950s.  The period was one of an acute housing shortage that saw the emergence of a new but common phenomena - 'squatters' and the revolutionary 'prefab'.  The growth in the number of motor vehicles and an increase in the number of accident and fatalities on the Bath Road was another feature of these 'progressive' years as was the proposal to flood Wash Common and Brimpton in the interest of further provision of water for Londoners.

It was a period of international tension epitomised by the Berlin Blockade and the Korean War.  Happier national events were the London Olympics, Festival of Britain and the Coronation of our present Queen Elizabeth II.

The book also holds a number of family histories.

It contains 228 pages plus over 50 photographs and illustrations.........available through John Trigg or the Woolhampton Village Shop.

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