'Before the Fountain'

'Before the Fountain'

          Within this book :-

This presents a view of  Midgham and Woolhampton in the Victorian years prior to the dedication of the Diamond Jubilee fountain that remains a familiar landmark in the latter.

The information for much of the narrative has been gleaned from records of the parish vestry, church accounts and minutes, two school log books, baptismal and marriage registers and past editions of local newspapers.  Both villages were an integral part of the estates of brothers-in-law James Blyth and Benjamin Buck Green respectively and their influence and way of life is reflected in the text.  Also included are ‘The Swing Riots’ of 1830 as manifested in the Newbury area.

The book contains descriptions of royal celebrations in local villages of Victoria's Golden and Diamond Jubilees and Edward VII's Coronation, plus profiles of local tradesmen and craftsmen at a time when Woolhampton was self-sufficient.

It contains 196 pages with over 40 photographs and illustrations - available through John Trigg or the Woolhampton Village Shop.

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