‘On Marsh and Meadow’

'Marsh and Meadow'

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This short book is an attempt to present some glimpses of cricket played in Berkshire in the 18th and 19th centuries against the background of the game’s national development.   It tells of 18th century matches on Thatcham Marsh, games on Oldfield, Maidenhead and the young Hanoverian, the Duke of Cumberland, at youthful play under the watchful eyes of his tutor at Midgham House. Members of the House of Hanover were enthusiastic patrons and players of the game as were a number of aristocrats of those years who did much to establish cricket in the 18th century.

There are accounts of single wicket contests, ‘challenge’ matches, ‘novelty’ games, the traditional inter-village fixtures and the enthusiasm of the Newbury ‘Early Risers’.

Some of the very best 19th century cricketers visited Berkshire and played matches against local teams.  Such included the All England XI, the United England XI, the South of England XI and the touring Aboriginals who were opposed by Hungerford, Reading and Newbury with the occasional surprising result.

Public School cricket is viewed through the records of Bradfield College, there is a longer look at Berkshire’s early matches in the Minor County Championship and the very necessary assistance that became available as a means of producing a reasonable playing surface.

Central to all the above is the great love of cricket manifested during the centuries by rich and poor alike with the on-going determination to play the game and ‘handle the willow’

The book contains 248 pages with 20 photographs and illustrations – available through John Trigg or the Woolhampton Village Shop.

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