'A Time of Change'

'A Time of Change'

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This presents a 'snapshot' of village life during the 1930's related to national events of the period that was to culminate in the outbreak of war in September 1939.  The book includes a view of 1940, the year of Dunkirk and the beginning of the 'blitz' and the arrival of evacuees in Newbury and surrounding district.

The increase in the volume of local traffic emerged as a significant theme not only in terms of road building but the consequent need for traffic regulations.  Most harrowing was the very high number of casualties in the district and on the Bath Road within Woolhampton.  These concerns would lead in 1931 to a road widening programme that destroyed a number of Woolhampton landmarks - The 'Angel' inn perhaps being the most spectacular casualty.

This demolition and other national and international events conspired to erode a village community that had boasted the 'big house' and local trades and craftsmen - indeed 'A Time of Change'.

It contains 120 pages plus 15 photographs and map - available now ONLY at Newbury and Thatcham Libraries (sorry!).

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